welcome (1) Croydon Advice Providers Together is an exciting project funded by the Big Lottery.  Our aim is to improve the quality of advice provision in the borough, and to make it easy for the people in Croydon to access the advice they need for the problems they have.

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CAPT is a partnership of 9 major advice providers and umbrella organisations, led by Citizens Advice Croydon, Age UK Croydon, South West London Law Centres, Mind in Croydon, Croydon Hearing and Croydon Vision (COESI), Disability Croydon, CAYSH Drop In Zone, Croydon Voluntary Action, Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association.

CAPT’s purpose is:

To use the expertise and skills of the main nine partners to achieve stronger collaboration between advice providers in Croydon;

To improve the quality of service provision of advice and information in Croydon;

To increase referrals between services to reduce duplication;

To direct policy decisions at local authority level;

To increase and diversify access to free, impartial, independent and confidential advice for clients and to ensure clients receive the best quality service possible.





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